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Author Topic: Sale For Canada  (Read 1717 times)


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Re: Sale For Canada
« Reply #30 on: January 16, 2018, 07:09:17 AM »

The rest of our reports are finished.  I'm really glad I didn't pay full price for this.  I'm not sure why anyone does 23 and Me?  My friend did, and her results were detailed by country.  I did upload the data to Wegene...waiting for reports.  If runs a good sale, I think we'll do their test.

Child 3:
99.6% East Asian (99.3% Chinese, .3% Broadly East Asian)
.4% European (Broadly South European)

92.1% Northwestern European (44.2% British & Irish, 35.3% French & German, 12.6% Broadly Northwestern European)
2.7% Southern European (1.1% Italian, 1.6% Broadly Southern European)
1.3% Eastern European
3.7% Broadly European
.1% East Asian
<.1% Sub-Saharan African


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Re: Sale For Canada
« Reply #31 on: January 16, 2018, 08:45:18 AM »

It depends on the country.

Tell the girls it’s like braces. Better it’s done when young and parents pay for it. There could have been a Japanese or Korean connection. They won’t be curious later and have to get a kit themselves.

So you are European.
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